The I Am project

I Am is a multimedia project exploring identity through the lives of Sri Lankan elders. The project is now into its second series, and is collection of portraits in photography and sound of the experience and insights of wise men and women from Sri Lanka. The portraits include the 105-year old tobacco farmer who talks about his simple way of life in a village in Jaffna; the union leader who cannot see himself as a Tamil, but only as a “workers’ leader”; the activist who was born into the barber caste, but who struggled with discrimination and became a poet; the writer who speaks of discovering the Other within the caste system of Jaffna and then becoming one in the south; and the businessman who, like tens of thousands of other Muslims, was expelled from his hometown of Jaffna by the Tamil Tigers, and who returned to restart a new life there. The project was made possible through a grant by the US Embassy in Colombo.

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