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Film commission and location visit to Trinidad & Tobago with Cornell University, Sep 2019-April 2021

Commissioned by Cornell University to produce a film based on visit to Trinidad as part of the ‘Atmospheric Pressures: Climate Imaginaries and Migration in the Caribbean’ Mellon Seminar (2019), in collaboration with Tao DuFour and Natalie Melas. Location shoot included informal teaching of Cornell University’s post-graduate students, engaging them in the filmmaking process.

Group exhibition, ‘One Hundred Thousand Small Tales’, Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Sri Lanka, 13 December 2019—15 August 2020

Exhibition of ‘Kerosene’ and ‘Paper’ at ‘One Hundred Thousand Small Tales‘, Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Sri Lanka. Excerpt from exhibition guide, “Kannan Arunasalam employs an observational approach to the narratives found in these films. His carefully observed sequences of real people talking without a script, impart and underline an attempt to capture reality”.

Solo exhibition: ‘The Tent’, South Gallery, University of Brighton, March – May 2019

Solo exhibition of new film installation The Tent, at University of Brighton Gallery. Juxtaposing the activity and rhythms of everyday life with the bombast of their protest’s ‘media days’, The Tent invites audiences to reflect on the lives of these women left behind, closely monitored by the authorities, caught between hope and grief but unable to move on. Artist talk on 5 May 2019, discussing his new film commission and the role culture can play in addressing violence and trauma.

Review: ‘The Tent’, The Tetley, Leeds, February – June 2019

“The Tent is emotionally rich. Arunasalam’s imagery is arresting. Arunasalam invites us along on his journey to understand Sri Lanka. He probes the civil war and represents its losses but – by foregrounding individual stories of determination and diversity – aspires to a more unified future.” (Kannan Arunasalam: The Tent, Amelia Crouch, Corridor8, 3 April 2019).

Review: ‘The Tent’, The Tetley, Leeds, February – June 2019

“The resulting 20-minute film is quietly and profoundly affecting. Arunasalam’s camera captures the still moments of the women’s vigil as they sit silently, make tea, read or sweep the floor. It also features, by contrast, on a split screen, footage of the crowds and noise of media attention on an anniversary marking 500 days of consecutive protest. Arunasalam came to filmmaking through journalism and this is the first time his work has been shown in a gallery setting.” (Two hard-hitting new exhibitions are on display at the Tetley, The Yorkshire Post, 1 March 2019).

Solo exhibition: ‘The Tent’, The Tetley, Leeds, February – June 2019

Solo exhibition of new film installation The Tent and other work, at ‘The Tetley’ contemporary art gallery, Leeds 16 February —2 June 2019. The exhibition’s central film installation focuses on some of the mothers of the disappeared in Sri Lanka. The exhibition’s central film installation The Tent is a co-commission piece supported by the British Council and Arts Council England through The New North and South; a three-year programme of activity across eleven arts organisations from the North of England and South Asia.

Group exhibition, Dhaka Art Summit, 2-10 February 2018

Delighted to have shown three of my short films (including ‘Paper’, 2011, film still above) at the 2018 Dhaka Art Summit’s ’One Hundred Thousand Small Tales’, curated by Sharmini Pereira.

Doc short ‘Thep’ is Official Selection at VAEFF, NYC, 9-11 November 2017

A raw cut of ‘Thep’ (2016), my documentary short was selected for 7th Annual Video Art and Experimental Film Festival (VAEFF). The festival ”introduces New York City to the most conceptually and aesthetically arresting, daring and provocative experimental films from around the world.” Directed, shot and edited by Kannan Arunasalam. Produced by Stateless Media.

Invitation to Havana, Cuba from Cornell University’s AAP, Sep. – Oct. 2016

Invitation from Cornell University’s Architecture, Art and Planning and the Society for the Humanities to participate in Cuba as Project: Mellon Seminar Visits Havana
“The Mellon seminar students were joined by DuFour’s architecture option studio, Havana After Nature, as well as three invited guests — documentary filmmaker Kannan Arunasalam, architectural historian and theorist Iulia Statica…”

Release of ‘Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain’, Stateless Media, AOL Originals, TechCrunch, October 2016

Cinematographer on Stateless Media’s documentary series commissioned by AOL Originals and posted on TechCrunch,  “Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain”, about the rise of bitcoin, October 2016