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New film: ‘The Brothers Shaikh’ posted on The New Yorker, 24 July 2013

The new film I co-directed about the killing of British tourist Khuram Shaikh in Sri Lanka, was posted on The New Yorker, 24 July 2013. The Brothers Shaikh, produced and reported by Peter Savodnik, directed and filmed by Kannan Arunasalam and Ed Perkins. A Stateless Media Production.

‘Paper’ screened at Guggenheim Museum, New York, April 2013

My documentary short Paper was screened as part of a lecture on South Asian contemporary art, Guggenheim Museum, New York, April 2013

‘Kerosene’ wins best documentary short, SAID 2013, Seattle, USA

My film ‘Kerosene’ (16 mins) is the winner of the Prism award for best documentary short at the Seattle South Asian International Documentary (SAID) Film Festival 2013.

‘Kerosene’ at South Asian International Documentary Festival 2013, SIFF Center, Seattle

‘Kerosene’ (16 mins) in competition at South Asian International Documentary Festival 2013, Seattle, USA

‘Expressions of Identity’, Royal Commonwealth Society, London

Invited to share some of my work at this event in London organised by the Royal Commonwealth Society, International Alert and Voices for Reconciliation; chaired by George Alagiah and speaking alongside the writer Roshi Fernando and playwright Prassanna Puwanarajah.

Kerosene film screened at 8th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2012

Short documentary film (16 mins) in competition at annual Aljazeera film festival in Doha, April 2012.

Paper broadcast on Aljazeera English, March 2012

Sri Lanka’s newspaper men explain how they overcame bans on ink and paper to report the news at the height of the war. Source: Aljazeera English website

Review of ‘Kerosene’, Time Out Mumbai, 2012

Time Out previews a festival of documentaries from South Asia, Nandini Ramnath, February 17, 2012: “The new batch has two standout films. The first, Kerosene, is a curio about the Sri Lankan civil war, which ended in March 2009 … The crisp images, precisely composed shots and desaturated colour palette conjure up a city caught in a time warp … Resilience is expressed through tinkering. Mechanics and drivers run cars on kerosene. Editors print the news on whatever is available in the market, including school notebook paper and cardboard.  … Despondency and the prospect of eventual defeat hang over the determination of the Tamilians to tinker away in the face of hostility and hatred.”


In the 1990s, the Sri Lankan government’s embargoes on fuel, medicines and food items in the north and east of Sri Lanka in an effort to frustrate the operations of the Tamil Tigers reached their peak. In the face of dearth and hardship, the locals resorted to increasingly inventive ways of making do. ‘Kerosene’ is a short video portrait of resilience, expression and survival, capturing the stories of Jaffna’s taxi drivers and mechanics. ‘Kerosene’ was commissioned by The film has been screened at international film festivals and is part of the selection for Travelling Film South Asia 2012, travelling all over South Asia and the world during 2012.

Kerosene selected for Travelling Film South Asia 2012

Film Southasia has selected 12 exceptional nonfiction productions of the last two years to create the Travelling Film Southasia 2012 (TFSA ’12) package. The films have been selected from the 36 documentaries screened in the competitive section of Film Southasia 2011, held in Kathmandu. This mobile campaign to promote and popularise Southasian documentaries stops at more than 50 international venues between the regular parent FSA festivals that are held every two years in Kathmandu. The films selected for TFSA showcase the best of Southasian non-fiction film-making, giving audiences an opportunity to sample an exciting range of topics and themes, presentation styles and techniques. Source: Film South Asia website