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Returning lives, rebuilding limbs

A Sinhalese doctor from Birmingham returns to Sri Lanka to help amputees at the Mannar hospital. Part of the Longing and Belonging series looking at the diaspora returning to Sri Lanka. This video was commissioned by International Alert as part of their work on engaging returning diaspora and first appeared on Groundviews. Please read the accompanying article.


The embargoes on fuel and food also restricted newsprint reaching the north and east of Sri Lanka. ‘Paper’ is a video portrait of resilience and freedom of expression, and how one newspaper found creative ways to get the news to the locals. The film was commissioned by The film has been screened at international film festivals and is part of the selection for Travelling Film South Asia 2012, travelling all over South Asia and the world during 2012, as well as broadcast on Al Jazeera English during February 2012.


During the 1980s, a team of doctors led by Dr Sivarajah discovered an increasing number of cases of leprosy in the village of Kartupolam in Jaffna, northern Sri Lanka. This video portrait tells the story of how community medicine and “koothu”, a kind of traditional street theatre, helped the community overcome ignorance and isolation.