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Interview in Sunday Island, Colombo: “Kannan Arunsalam wants people to rethink their ideas on identity”

“Kannan Arunsalam wants people to rethink their ideas on identity and talk about the concept in a more constructive way. He hopes people will be drawn to the project because it is talking about their home towns and ultimately see the bigger picture. ‘I am hoping that the message that was created in this project will help people to see something that goes a bit deeper into issues, through different eyes.’ Kannan Arunasalam appreciates the connections he has made and he describes it as a lovely gesture that the nun Sister Pushpam Gnanapragasam from the project continues to write him letters. ‘I like the idea of keeping in touch with them, I think it is important. Sometimes people take a story that is really valuable and personal and then disappear. That is not right.’ A journey beyond ethnic identity, Maya Bille and Nadine Wardell, Sunday Island, 5 March, 2011

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