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‘The Brothers Shaikh’ posted on The New Yorker, 24 July 2013

The documentary about the killing of British tourist Khuram Shaikh in southern Sri Lanka was posted on The New Yorker, 24 July 2013. Synopsis: “On December 25, 2011, Nasser Shaikh was opening presents and having breakfast with his family, in Manchester, England, when he received a phone call informing him that his brother, Khuram, had been murdered in a hotel on the southernmost coast of Sri Lanka. The authorities assured the Shaikh family that the men responsible for taking his brother’s life and raping his brother’s girlfriend would be tried in court and ultimately convicted. As of mid-2013, there had yet to be a trial, and Nasser felt trapped in a permanent mourning, unable to move beyond this tragedy. It was then that he decided to go to Sri Lanka to try to answer a few questions himself.” ‘The Brothers Shaikh’, produced and reported by Peter Savodnik, directed, filmed and edited by Kannan Arunasalam and Ed Perkins. A Stateless Media Production.