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‘Sri Lanka’s Rebel Wife’ is shortlisted for the DIG Awards 2022  

‘Sri Lanka’s Rebel Wife’ is among the five finalists for the DIG Awards 2022 for best medium format reportage, in Modena, Italy (September 2022).

DIG is a cultural association that supports quality journalism in all its forms, in Italy and around the world.

DIG stands for Documentari, Inchieste, Giornalismi (“Documentaries, “Investigations”, “Journalism”). Each year DIG organises a four-day event, DIG Festival, with the goal of bringing the best of investigative journalism internationally to Italy. The festival’s other nominees include films produced by Guardian Documentaries, BBC Eye, CBS, Bellingcat (source DIG Festival 2022, Modena, Italy).
Directed by Kannan Arunasalam; Camera by Striner McLain Adams, Kannan Arunasalam; Written by Kannan Arunasalam, Nic Dunlop; Edited by Gabriele Biasizzo, Kannan Arunasalam; Grading by Jeremy Hogg; Sound mixing by Peregrine Andrews